Friday, August 16, 2013

Me Before You.

I picked up this book a few times when I was browsing in bookstores but it didn't dawn upon me to purchase it even after reading the synopsis. It was either the cover didn't appeal to me or the synopsis seemed rather uninteresting. Recently I saw Reese Witherspoon posted a photo of her reading this particular book in her Instagram and she said she might cry reading it. So I thought, if it can make an Oscar winning actress cry, it must be a good book. So I purchased it.

Here is the synopsis. The synopsis from the book did not do any justice to the book, so I took one of the review from the reader in instead.

Will Traynor lost everything in an accident, but worst of all, he lost the chance to live normally for the rest of his life. Because of it, he lost the will to live. Until the day Louisa Clark appeared in his life as his care taker for six months. At first, they argue a lot. Will doesn't think Lou can handle being his care taker for that period of time, but Lou is not a person who easily gives up. And after a while, when Will realizes he cannot push her away like he did to everyone else, he accepts Lou for what she is. A kind person who through time reached to him and showed him that not everything is dark - that there are still choices and that life is worth living. It is about two families and how they deal with what life has dealt them. It is about choices and being allowed to choose. It's about being alive but not living. Lou had the body but she didn't have the strength to crawl out of her shell and live. She couldn't get out of her comfort zone and feared life. Will passed his love for life on to her and she used her body to help him live his.

Allow me to express my thoughts.

This is not any typical sappy and corny love story about boy meets girl, fall in love, break up yada yada. It's about the sacrifices of love and choices in life. When you finish this book, you will not just put it aside or back on the shelf and go on with your daily routine. When you finish this book, you will close the book but still remain it in your hands, look ahead of you and start letting the story sink into you and makes you wonder about the fragility of life. This story is going to stay in you for quite some time.

While reading the book, it made me looking like this....

After I've finished it, it made me looked like this!

I'm serious, I really looked like that when I read the ending. It was so unexpected and made me wondered for days....Why? Why did he made that choice? Love is not enough? And after letting it sunk in, I finally realized....

You have to live life, not just being alive.

There was a part where Will Traynor got a tattoo with Louisa Clark. He tattooed "Best before 19 March 2007". It was so heartbreaking T________T The date was the day he became a disabled in the accident. A simple tattoo like that carried such heavy and heart wrenching agony in a man who has given up hope in life.

There were also a few words of wisdom that I found unforgettable.

“I will never, ever regret the things I've done.
Because most days, all you have are places
 in your memory that you can go to.”

The letter Will Traynor wrote to Louisa Clark in the ending made me cried like shit on the bed. This is like Chicken Soup for the Soul in one full story. The story touched me emotionally and mentally, I even teared up while listening to some sad songs at work the next day WTF!!!! If the previous books gave me a book hangover, this book gave me a bloody book poisoning!

I'm running out of words to describe my feelings, you just need to read! I can't wait for them to adapt it into a motion movie! I'm going to watch it with a box of tissue and prepare the next day for MC from work because I'll be having a massive flu!

As of now, I'm going to live everyday on behalf of Will Traynor T_______T

Here's my verdict:

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