Friday, November 14, 2014

A dedication to all the amazing L'Orealians.

People always warn us not to post anything about our job in social media. Not only it will affect your image in your working life, it might also put you at risk of getting fired. But I shall put an exception for this post, because I don't treat my life in L'Oreal as a job....but a passion.

I started using make up when I was in early high school. I remember sneakily trying my mother's make up when she was not around and it was a L'Oreal mascara. And so it played an important role in my life. It was my utter dream came true when I nailed the job as a Graphic Designer in L'Oreal Malaysia. Doing what I'm passionate about with the brand that I love.

I had never put so much effort preparing for a job interview and had never prayed so hard for a job. Because it was something that I really wanted and I'm someone who will stick to it if I know what I truly want. When the HR department finally called me, I couldn't stop smiling even the phone call has ended. Ever since then, I went to work everyday with positive vibes. I felt joyful when it was Friday and hopeful when it was Sunday. Yes, I actually look forward to go to work, totally no Monday Blue. I loved my life in L'Oreal so much it became part of me.

But with deep sadness, my life in L'Oreal came to an end after 2.5 years. I once thought that I can stay for a very long time, but nothing last forever.

I met so many amazing people here in L'Oreal, some inspired me, some toughen me and some annoyed me. It is not the achievement or knowledge I gained that matters most, I believe we all can achieve something from anywhere. But it is the friendship I got in L'Oreal that will last forever.

Some people told me not to invest so much emotion in a job, because a job is just a job. But how can we excel if we don't put our passion in it? Passion is emotion, right? I remember when I went for the interview, the former General Manager asked me where do I see myself in the next 5 years. I told her with confident that I wished I will be able to help L'Oreal build an in-house design team and I shall lead it to produce amazing design for L'Oreal Malaysia. And so I managed to do it, in less than 2 years. Because I put a great amount of passion in what I do and for that....the disappointment was even greater.

But I have no regrets, because I left L'Oreal knowing I found myself a handful of true friends. Yes, we are no longer colleagues, but friends....Because You're Worth It.

Here is a heartfelt gratitude from the bottom of my heart  to the amazing people who I met in L'Oreal (in no particular order). Some are no longer in L'Oreal, some are still matter what, you guys have left a deep imprint in my heart.

Jannifer, it's always fun to selfie and gossip with her.

Afeeza once told me when I was crying, "I would rather lose her than losing you" and I cried even louder.

Steph, you will always be my Energizer Bunny and I'll always be your Ding Dang.

Chan Jun Yee, the woman that will be there for me no matter rain or shine.
Viva MGS & Ipoh leng lui! BFF!

Jen Eu, my mentor and the best boss ever. People say we look alike, and I'm happy for
being associated with a capable and inspiring woman.

Chellene, who poked her head into the room and smiled when I was waiting for my interview, has became
my caretaker in L'Oreal ever since. Thank you for everything.

Tham Meng Fatt, the only person that I enjoy fighting with.

Sook Ping, the girl with the most beautiful sunshine smile. You inspired me so much!

Ashley, the sweetest person I have ever met. I will always love you, never let go!

Kimberly, the most beautiful aunty ever. I want to be just like you!
It was nice being your neighbor for 2 years, thank you for everything!

Celine, thank you for enduring my late mailer submissions LOL.

Phooi Kuan, the only person to sampat with me after Jun Yee left.

Sammi, the tai ka jie. Don't mess with her, even I have to tabik her.

Roslind, the mama of CPD. Pray harder! (you know what I mean) Hehe!

Carol, the tea lady. Friendly and humble =)

Eddie, always chasing me....for mailers =_=

Take care, Garnier. The most green and  friendly team and the best team to wefie!

L'Oreal Paris team, because you're SO worth it!

Maybelline team. Maybe it's Maybelline, but you girls are definitely born with it!

And also to the many more people who I didn't manage to take photos with, you know who you are ;)

And here is a message to my remaining team mates.

The road ahead might be tough (if you know what I mean), but keep your head up high like this picture and you will see the future ahead is bright like the smile on our faces. We are stones and they are sandpaper, the longer they roughen us, the more polished we will be. One day, we will shine bright like diamonds and they will just be....sandpaper.

Love always,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Masak Masak.

 If you're looking for a place to host a one-of-a-kind party or team building, try Masak-Masak at Ben's Independent Grocer, Publika! Ashley is a genius for scouting this place to host our beloved Jun Yee's Bridal Shower. Usually people have their Bridal Shower partying in a club or hotel doing naughty stuff, we opted for a theme called "Stepford's Wives" instead. Probably because we are all aunties already, instead of getting drunk and make a fool out of ourselves, we learn how to cook instead for her Bridal Shower, FML.

In our best outfit to bring out the best wifey in us.

Stepford Wives Beauty Competition.

And the winner is non other than the bride-to-be!

Prize giving ceremony. Katrina looked like a Datin here.


The salad tasted super awesome! I didn't know salad could taste so good, especially salad that I made myself LOL. Because the dressing is made of orange marmalade, it tasted super sweet together with the lychees, oranges and cherry tomatoes. The duck was delicious as well, I don't eat duck usually but when it mixed together with the salad, I just om nom nom nom nom nom.

My cooking partner of the night, Jannifer!

Jannifer did all the heavy duty cooking, while I chopped and mixed. I thank God she knows how to cook!


This chicken is so easy to cook. Just season the chicken with spices and we can actually put it in the oven to cook. But since we are so gangho so we wanted to grill them first and finish off in the oven for about half an hour. The saffron rice was prepared by the staff. By the time we finished everything and started to dine in, the dish was already cold, boohoo.... =(

Us with our dish and the "elegant" bride-to-be photobombing us behind.


It doesn't look very appetizing LOL. The picture doesn't do any justice to the apple tarts at all. I would prefer it without Brandy, it made the tarts tasted rather bitter which is not very much to my liking because I don't like liquor.

Paired the hot-from-the-oven apple tarts with cold vanilla ice-cream, heaven! YUMS! 

You can judge from Daniella's orgasmic face.

We took 4 hours to cook a 3 course meals, IN HEELS! By dessert we were already burnt out zzZZZzzz. But what's good about paying money to cook is that we don't need to do the dishes LOL!

Here are some photos of us goofing around while cooking. I think we mostly burned our energy by playing around instead of cooking.

Don't piss me off or I will chop you to pieces and sell you to the pork stalls at pasar pagi.

Ashley Ramsay in the house.

Cucumber Claire attack!

Katrina's achievement of the night, peeling apple without breaking the skin off.

It's either she didn't want to get her hands oily or she had no confident in her cutting skill.

Daniella and his Lady Gaga photobombing antics. 

And Daniella with his Karl Lagerfield photobombing antics.

8 and a half women LOL.

Love this picture of all the Stepford Wives + 1 Stepford Husband behind.

All of us with the master chef!

We had so much fun that night! Thanks Ashley for organizing the party and a huge congrats to Jun Yee for getting married! Finally there is a man in this world who wants to marry her LOL! There is no one else happier than me to see her getting married! From constantly whining about being single to falling in love and killing me with her lovey dovey look and now signing off her lifetime happiness to a good man *sniff sniff* 

Here is a dedication for you, for your love in everything and everything that is affected by your positiveness and kindness.

Monday, October 13, 2014

My new home: The exterior

Let's talk about the ridiculous story of my new house. Remember one year ago, I blogged about it? You may check out here to refresh your memory. The application of the renovation took a bloody 1 year to be approved! Basically the renovation is not merely any renovation where you take a few planks and knock some nails on it or paint some walls. We are hacking down the whole house and rebuild from scratch. But I couldn't believe the government took 1 year, let me repeat, O N E Y E A R to process our application! From the architect drawing of the plans to submission and alteration of the plan to another submission, IT TOOK 1 YEAR!!!!! HOLY!!!!

The runner who so-called helped us to handle the submission charged us triple the market price and dare to drag us a year for the whole process! This runner is a "friend" of my father-in-law. He works in the government and claimed to have high power. Whatever! That gives him the right to charge us a bomb? I found out about this when Sharon told me the actual price people pay for architect drawing+plan submission to the government. Whatever we paid to that a-hole is triple the price, another HOLY!!!! We were cheated! My father-in-law did not say anything because this a-hole claimed to be very powderful. *PUI*

After one year, the application is FINAEFFINGLY approved and I wish not to meander with this a-hole ever again! You know how painful it is to wait for a year?! Every month I pay for the installment but yet I couldn't do anything or move into the house, it was just left there empty and rotted for a year!

Let's bygone be bygone, the old house was already hacked off and the new structure is being built piece by piece everyday. Let's see the progress!

The house was relatively old, it was probably triple my age. The bricks and the whole structure were too fragile to withstand renovation. So we decided to hack down the whole house.

The old structure. All walls within were hacked down in this picture.

The house were gone leaving only the concrete patio and gate.



The new structure was born.

Bricks were added on both sides to separate our wall with the neighbors. More privacy in terms of noise/sound.

The concrete structure is done on the first floor!

Second floor in progress.

Bricks were  laid on the first floor.

The concrete structure on the 2nd floor is done as well. Time for the new patio!

The outer structure of the house is all done with roof! Woohoo! Well done to the guys on the balcony!

The whole process of hacking down the house until the rebuild of the structure took a painstakingly 4 months. I pray I will be able to move-in in another 2 months. I want to spend Christmas in the new house. Christmas shopping is fun, and it's more fun to shop for Christmas tree for my new home =) Will post more updates again. The next post will be the interior. Stay tuned!