Sunday, March 25, 2012

One ring to rule them all!

The post title says it all! YES! MY WEDDING RING! After waiting for 2 weeks, it is finally shipped into the grasp of my fingers! No matter how hard you pester me, I still ain't gonna disclose how the ring looks like =P Wait for 2 more months until my ROM!

I would say the service given by Love & Co. earns my full point of 10/10. They are superbly friendly, informative and helpful. They explained all the details and taught us about diamonds, from A-Z. And the consultant that served me was very funny and full of stories. He can make a normal ring sounds so wonderful with his rationale of the ring design

Their signature white box with green ribbon.

Complimentary photo of us with our wedding rings from Love & Co =)

Complimentary leather folder for our ring certificate and photo =)

Overall I had a great experience with the ring shopping. I found my favorite ring, I was served professionally and I got free stuff! The only downside was they wouldn't want to give me the teddy bears ring holder, placed perfectly on a white romantic swing. So cute! I kept pestering them but they said it can only be given to people who bought rings with certain carat above. Cis!

Today Sharon and Fuankee took me to one of their client's house to pick wedding shoes! They are so kind, they offered to sponsor my wedding shoes! I'm so blessed to have all these people as friends T___T *tears of emo-ness again*

After having lunch together, we drove to the client's house, a shoe designer called Christy Ng. When we reached in front of the house, I said "How come the house has no shoes? She sells shoes, the front porch of the house should have many shoes!" And so I stepped into the house and was blown away!

Mountain of shoesssssssss!!!!!!!

More shoes on the staircase!

So many shoes! How to choose?!!! *pulls hair!*

Sharon and Fuankee making fun while waiting to pay.

While the girls are busy trying on heels, this is what the boys did.

Cobler cobler mend my shoes...

Talking on the phone with customers.

After 2 hours trying on almost every pair of shoes in the house, I picked a white heels and requested them to bling it with Swavroski crystals ^^ YES! Apparently my wedding is all about Swavroski blings! I guess I shall make it as my theme =) Blings on my wedding gown! Blings on my wedding invitation! Blings on my weddin shoe! WEEEE!!!!! Custom make only takes 2 days, I can't wait to see my wedding heels with Swavroski crystal!

You can visit her online store here. She has all sorts of pretty shoes, all designed by her and handmade! And most of all, her shoes really live up to the tagline, "With the right pair of shoes, a woman can conquer the world." Even a 5 inch heels you still feel comfy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Finally some progress on my journey to a Mrs. We got the dates from the sifu and so we picked 6th October. Why so fast? Many people asked. It's for all you people's sake! You want me to cramp my wedding with everyone else on December?! You guys will complain about tons of weddings to attend and sulk all the way because you're broke for paying ang paos.

And because I'm not having dinner banquet like any other people, so I do not need to wait in line to fight with other people for spaces in restaurant. I can have my wedding dinner ANYTIME I want, so I feel October is the best time, people will attend my dinner happier because they're not broke yet.

So you people please stop saying I'm pregnant! Geez! Just because we want to get things done fast doesn't mean I'm pregnant ok?! What kind of mindset is that? Driving a local car doesn't mean you're poor because you might have spent the money wisely in properties. Totting a designer handbag doesn't mean you're rich because you might have spent all your money buying the bloody bag and your purse is empty. A young girl carrying a baby doesn't mean she got pregnant as a teenager, she might be the aunt of the baby! Only shallow people will look at things at the surface and make judgment! Getting married is supposed to be a happy occasion, why wanna inject negative elements? 


Why am I so angry =_= This post is supposed to be happy. Ok where was I?

Oh ya, the dates. Initially we wanted our ROM to be on Alvin's birthday, which is a Tuesday. But upon submitting our forms to the people in the temple, they said we can register on weekends too. So again for the sake of our friends and family's convenience, we changed the date to 27th May (Sunday) See!!! We are one hell of a good couple! Our marriage is basically set for everyone's convenience! But yet people backlash us with criticism! *UNLEASH THE BRIDEZILLA*


So it is confirmed that our ROM will be on 27th May 2012, Sunday at 9.30am. I will be a sleepy bride with puffy eyes and face O_o!!!

Our number 103, lucky number shall I say?

Another check on my to do list is the wedding dinner at Delicious Marc Residence. It will be on 13th October, a week after the morning ceremony on 6th October. I do not intend to have the dinner a day after or on the day of the ceremony because we will have buffet twice at Alvin's house organized by his parents. Once on the night before the big day, and another one on the big day itself after the morning ceremony. We will be so dead tired =__= I need at least a week break.

I know my girls will like the dessert corner so much!

After so many posts about my wedding, I think I missed out one very important thing. THE RING!!!!!


I guess it's every girl's dream to have a Tiffany & Co's wedding ring, but sometimes it's not just about the brand, it's about the price too *KA-CHING* I used to pass by a shop called Love & Co in The Gardens and I was wowed by the pretty rings displayed in front of the shop. So when it was my time to pick a wedding ring, I did not even browse other brands. Straight I went to Love & Co, and found the ring that I wanted. Shall not disclose the ring and keep it as a surprise until ROM day XD

As for the pre wedding photos, after contacting a few top wedding photographers like Daren Chong and Dennis Yap, their quotations are within my budget and their photos are magnificent, but it is the inconvenience that gowns are not provided. I went through the hassle of searching for gowns rental and custom made shops. There are so many to do! And I ALREADY have a lot to do!

Hence I gave up and went to My Dream Wedding, a famous name in Hong Kong. And if you haven't heard of it yet, the ambassadors are the famous couple, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong. Oh! And AngelaBaby too. She paraded their wedding gowns on the runway. But come on, anything can look nice on her, even a piece of rug =_= Their photos are not bad, and their platinum collection gowns are made of Swavroski crystal! LOVE!!!!!!!! They are so gorgeous!!!

The infamous wedding photos of Myolie and Bosco for My Dream Wedding.

Anything can look pretty on AngelaBaby!

I went to browse for Armadale Wedding Studio too, for comparison. I found out their name in bridal forum, everyone recommended them. I prefer their concept over My Dream Wedding, to be honest. But the consultant did not show me enough samples to convince me. Or shall I say, she did not say much to convince me =___= I sat down, she gave me the price menu without explaining anything. Clicked clicked the computer to show me some of the unedited photos of their clients. I guess they were in a hurry to go back home.

She left us halfway and I had to click the computer myself to browse more pictures! WTH! Coincidently Alvin's friend is working there as the designer. If she did not came over to talk to us more, I would have left straight away. If the consultant did put more effort talking to me, I would be convinced and sign up with Armadale. Too bad, I went back to My Dream Wedding.

The package that I signed up with them is inclusive of the Swavroski gown! Weee!!!! I can't wait to try it! I asked Alvin why did he picked My Dream Wedding over Armadale. I thought he would prefer their concept like I do. And so he replied, "Because you like the crystal gown." ... *tears of emo-ness*

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Wedding Plans.

I didn't know planning a wedding can be so frustrating. Because this is once in a lifetime event, I want to make sure everything is perfect and according to what I want. I can literally feel myself transforming into a BRIDEZILLA!!!

Since I'm not having a wedding dinner like what Chinese people usually do, I plan to have a simple luncheon for my friends. As for my relatives and family, they will attend the buffet dinner organized by Alvin's family. Therefore I wanted to join my wedding luncheon and civil ceremony together, and host it at the Kelana Jaya lakeside. There is a bridal house that does this lakeside civil ceremony called Covershots. I fell in love with their decos and venue right away!

I contacted them but upon seeing their quotation, I gulped. We decided to take the lowest package, but after counting the number of guests we are inviting, it wasn't enough. And we can't afford the higher package. I was so disappointed =(

So as what normally Chinese people do, we will register our marriage at the Thean Hou temple. And what will I be wearing? Tadaa!!!

I like the Audrey Hepburn look here.

A white dress with black ribbon sash paired with black gloves. I hope the gloves are not too much for the venue =S It's not a high end place anyway. But this outfit is nothing compared to the people who wear full set of bridal gown to sign the papers ~___~

It's going to be on May 29th, coinciding with Alvin's birthday. 2 in 1, easier to remember and save celebration cost *ding*

We will need to consult some people to pick an auspicious day for us to get married traditionally. My whole clan will be coming over to KL to send me off during the morning ceremony, hence I need to rent a house for my family to stay for 2-3 days. The designer house, Sekeping Terasek Brickhouse looks promising. The price is within my budget and the place is gorgeous.

The brickhouse at Terasek Bangsar.

The photographer of the day will be non other than my friend, Reuben from DesignBar!

As for my pre wedding photos, I'm still considering whether to go for bridal studio or the infamous wedding photographer, Daren Chong who happens to be my company's event photographer.
Yes, bridal studio is a one stop place to settle all the hassle including gowns, make up and hair. But I'm doubting their photo quality. As for Daren, his photos are amazing and dynamic. But with great photos, comes great charges $$$ Check out his masterpieces at  Headache! Headache ahhh!!!!

As for the luncheon, I've changed it to dinner. A simple and intimate dinner for my closest friends =) I've seen the menu choices, it looks great. If everything runs smoothly, the dinner will be held at Delicious Marc Residence KL. As we all know, the deco at Delicious is pretty romantic (I can save the deco cost =P) and the food is yummylicious too!

I bet everyone is asking why am I not doing a wedding dinner and saving cost for everything. I mean, yeah, this only happens once in a lifetime. I shouldn't save and be stingy about it. But guess what, we are saving for our honeymoon actually. And it's one of my ultimate dream comes true =)

Yes! We are going to Europe!!! I can't wait to land my feet on these places that I can only see in my dreams! (and on TV of course).

The breath taking Venice!

The mighty historical Colosseum!

The romantic Eiffel Tower~

My ultimate dream is owning my own house. Going to Europe is second. I can't believe I can fulfil it so soon. I thought I will need another 10 years. Thinking about it makes my jelly belly bounce! Weeeee!!!!