Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Kopi Joke.

I was in Jusco's toilet yesterday when I heard this funny and dumb conversation between 2 girls. They are staff in Jusco and judging from their look, they might be in the early 20s. So here is how the conversation goes. Make sure you're not drinking or eating, or you're going to choke or spit all the stuff in your mouth on your screen.

Bimbo #1: Hey I'm going to tapao drinks. What do you want?
Bimbo #2: I want kopi ping, don't want kopi.
Bimbo #1: Huh? What's the difference between kopi ping and kopi?
Bimbo #2: I don't know, I want the light brown instead of the black color wan.
Bimbo #1: Oh, you mean the light brown with milk? Black color is without milk.
Bimbo #2; Yayaya, I want the one with milk. What is it called?
Bimbo #1: The light brown is "coffee". The black wan is called "kopi"!


Get your facts straight, bitches!

This is kopi ping, means coffee with ice in English.

This is kopi. Means coffee without ice in English. 

The black color is kopi o. The light brown color is kopi.

Kopi and Coffee = Same shit.

I hope they are not going to work at Starbucks. Imagine them discussing about mocha, cappuccino, latte. Classic.


  1. hahahah wffffff remind me of the time i ordered a drink at a food court.. the menu CLEARLY stated Milk Tea 奶茶 (I could only make out the last word which was "cha" in canto) so I was quite confident its *nai cha* (canto slang). Conversation I had with the Chinese guy whom I spared speaking english with:

    Me: Yat gor nai cha.
    Him: Hahh?! Teh ping ahhhh?
    Me: -_-" Yes.

    Quite wtf moment for me, yes I know it's the same nai cha, teh ping, milk tea but if your menu states "raw salmon" are you going to tell me its actually "uncooked salmon" when repeating my order? I should have insisted for nai cha now that I think about it hahaha

    1. Hahaha! Thanks to these people for adding colors into our life XD